Kentwood Company and Karl Lueders suck

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Possibly the single most important thing to know is that after a Kentwood Company lawsuit and a cease and desist threat from Karl Lueders we are still here.  We cannot be forced to remove this site because we have not lied!

Read about the Lawsuit Kentwood Company filed then had dismissed.
Read about Karl Lueders in his own words.
Read about Kentwood Company’s own Gretchen Faber’s Panties.
Read why Karl Lueders wants us to Cease & Desist.
Now Emilee Pierce of Pierce Properties wants her name removed.
Don’t let Kellie Moore appraise your home or property.

Our interactions with The Kentwood Company and Karl Lueders, will be chronicled on this blog. We purchased a home at the end of April with Karl Lueders acting as our buyer’s agent. Karl Lueders is a Realtor with the Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek. We have tried to resolve our issues with The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek and Karl Lueders and were met with silence. We haven’t spoken with Karl Lueders since a few days after closing when there was a heated argument because we confronted him about things he told us and things he assured us, that were very incorrect.

Consider this sort of a primer to your visit with us.
You can read about:
The condition of the house then and now
- Our position regarding Karl Lueders and The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek
- The lie Karl Lueders told in his critical misrepresentation of us as his clients
- Our interaction with The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek
- Our feelings on Karl Lueders
- The current state of affairs with Karl Lueders and The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek
- Our admission of partial responsibility for this mess. But at least we do admit it, unlike the others that are just as, if not more responsible.
- Our desired outcome
- And amusing things to read like, posts about Kentwood’s IT Director who keeps posting positive reviews about his own company; or the strange and inappropriate things posted by Karl Lueders on his own blog.

We maintain, and have emails to prove that the deal would never have been completed if Karl Lueders had not lied repeatedly. His Real Estate firm, The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek and their parent company, The Kentwood Company knows what he did and yet they have not stepped up to make this right. We have spoken to the managing broker at the Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek, Gretchen Faber who seemed to understand our situation, and who said they would help us to get help; then proceeded to stonewall us. So we continue to live in a home, that has new issues cropping up all the time, facing thousands of dollars in required repair work.

We hope this blog will serve to educate those planning to make new home purchases, and let them know that not all Realtors are created equal. You should know that just because they represent you, does not mean they have your best interest at heart. We also hope that if you are considering using Karl Lueders, Gretchen Faber, The Kentwood Company or the Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek that you will read this and know who and what you’re dealing with. Our advice is to deal with a Realtor and a firm that has YOUR interests in mind and is looking to protect you as their client, rather than one that just wants to make a sale at all costs.

We welcome your comments and your insights.  We also welcome any stories you have about dealing with the Kentwood Company.

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A Holiday Letter from Karl Lueders

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You know how around the holidays you get letters from your friends outlining what they’ve been up to all year? Well guess who we got a letter from on christmas eve…  Karl Lueders.

And he did in fact outline how his life has been since last we heard from him, and it’s pretty dramatic – like a daytime soap opera. But please read it and judge for yourself (just click the image/thumbnail below to view full size).

karl lueders letter 2014Now, we could easily dissect every individual sentence of this letter and point out how it is all complete bu!!$#it. From “not a day goes by that I don’t wish that we couldn’t have mended things long before that” – ugh, why do people say things like that? We’re to believe Karl Lueders actively thinks about this situation and feels some form of regret EVERY day? To “I implore you to set me free from this.” Because somehow WE are preventing him from being a good person and doing good things, pretty sure if he wanted to do good, he could. But if we did point out the problem in every sentence,  this would turn into one long blog post!

Suffice it to say this is the same song he was singing three years ago. It’s all about his “pain and sorrow” which he clearly sees as our sole intention, which is all beyond arrogant. He didn’t even bother to pretend to care how we are doing now, for all he knows the house eventually drove us into bankruptcy, or the roof caved in rendering us comatose. But he didn’t even bother with an insincere, “hope you are well.” And why would he? We are the villains, he is the victim. No matter that the atrocity we have committed is exposing HIS behavior – pretty sure that makes us whistle blowers, not his captors with the power to “set him free.” [So dramatic!] But if we’ve learned anything about Karl Lueders, its that his world ends at the end of his nose. So of course, he is not concerned with our condition.

Something else worth noting, the envelope had no return address, there’s no phone number, and obviously no offer to sit down and look us in the face and offer something resembling a real apology. You know, an actual effort instead of just words. So by giving him a “second chance” he is asking us what exactly? No discussion, we’ll just take down this website and feel good about the fact that Karl Lueders has “grown wiser,” when clearly that is not true… Clearly he has not learned a thing.



What’s in a Name Change? Ask Gretchen Rosenberg

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A commenter recently brought some information to our attention that we thought was worth mentioning. In fact, we may need to issue something similar to a retraction – but not really. In our previous post about all the re-branding and re-naming that has occurred among the players in our little drama, we implied that perhaps Gretchen Faber was now doing business as Gretchen Rosenberg in order to avoid being associated with this site and our situation. But apparently she has had even bigger personal issues that have soiled the name Faber, and would no doubt negatively affect her reputation.

Exactly one year ago according to the Denver Post, an arrest warrant was issued for James Faber, spouse of Gretchen Faber- at least at the time they were married, not sure of their current status. He was charged with “violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, six counts of securities fraud and 17 counts of theft.” The Denver District Attorney’s office had accused James Faber, former attorney of stealing $2.7 million from would-be investors.

Then earlier this month the Denver Post reported that James Faber pleaded guilty to those charges and to soliciting funds from people which he said would be “invested in the exploration of mining and natural resources.” But instead Gretchen Faber’s then husband used the 2.7 million dollars to “pay himself, run his law firm, pay for business expenses, pay former investors, and invest in martial arts studios.” He has been sentenced to ten years in prison and ordered to pay $4 million in restitution.

So how does this impact Gretchen Faber? Well within that year she changed her name to Gretchen Rosenberg, possibly as part of a divorce, again we do not know their marital status. But is that enough to restore credibility? As an intelligent, accomplished business woman at the top of her field in a major metropolitan area, it must be difficult to convince people you are completely ignorant when your husband embezzles millions. And when ignorance is one’s best defense, how does that reflect on professional acuity?

And to what extent does the company you keep reflect on your character? We think it says a lot.

Regardless, the point is Gretchen Faber had a lot of reasons to start using the name Gretchen Rosenberg, so we should not have assumed it was strictly because of this blog.

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The more things change, the more Karl Lueders stays the same.

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Amazingly, it’s been five years since we moved in to our little money pit courtesy of Karl Lueders and the Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek. Also amazing is that we still get comments and emails about this website, and it sounds like Karl Lueders has not changed:

7 June 2013 at 11:28 am.

After dealing with this imbecile a few times a colleague told me to look him up on google, this is some funny stuff.
 He’s still as shady as ever.

Of course we knew that he was still shady last fall when the comments below praising Karl Lueders were submitted. Maybe you’ve heard stories that companies “outsource” their own good pr on social media sites, etc. by paying people in other countries (very little) to post good reviews for them online. It sounds utterly ridiculous right? But how else do you explain these? (Or maybe Karl Lueders had a roommate in college named Rajeev?)

But if you’ll recall we know that the Kentwood Company’s own employees were posting fake reviews for them in the past so why not?

Maybe instead, Karl Lueders should try doing business under a different name. That’s what Gretchen Faber who is now going by Gretchen Rosenberg or at least Gretchen Rosenberg Faber is doing. Maybe Rosenberg is Gretchen’s maiden name but its interesting that she has decided to incorporate it at this stage in here career, after she has won awards in Denver as Gretchen Faber. It seems like you would be proud to use your award-winning name everywhere to promote yourself, but instead you can find Gretchen Rosenberg and/or Gretchen Rosenberg Faber on every social media site you have never heard of like weebly.com, peoplepool, bigsight, viadeo, visualcv (huh?). Even on facebook, and stranger still on The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek’s official website, they list Gretchen Rosenberg as one of their managing brokers, rather than the Gretchen Faber that so many have come to know on this site. Of course the Kentwood Company also changed their website a while back to denver real estate, they even took out a full page ad in the sunday paper to let everybody know where to find them online. But wouldn’t it be easier for people to find you by using your actual company name?

So many changes… one has to wonder, was it really necessary? Has it really helped? Maybe.. but could there have been an easier, less expensive way to improve your reputation? I guess we’ll never know.

In the meantime, we have also made many changes. We have made improvements to the little money pit we call home now, even above and beyond the required repairs we had to pay for following Karl Lueders’ deception and Gretchen Rosenberg Faber’s mishandling of our concerns. We have new carpet to replace the low-grade carpet that Pierce Properties provided (oh, did we mention Pierce Properties changed their name too? weird.), we have a new roof, new exterior paint, a tile back splash in the kitchen, and we even went solar this year. We actually believe you just have to make the best of a bad situation, try to learn from your mistakes and move on, after all it builds character.

But hey.. if you’d rather spend lots of money on rebranding and bogus pr, or if you’re willing to go so far as change your name to avoid the reputation you’ve earned, then apparently you can just do that instead.

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Why does Gretchen Faber Suck?

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Somebody asked us recently why we include Gretchen Faber, and mention her so often, when we refer to how much the Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek sucks. Well it’s all been previously posted here, but we realize at this point there’s a lot of history and a lot of information on the site. So to save some newer readers some time, here is the Reader’s Digest version of Gretchen Faber’s role in this whole debacle.

Gretchen was and is the Managing Broker for Karl Lueders, who works for Kentwood Cherry Creek.  When we had several issues about Karl as our Buyers Agent, (he lied at our closing and probably several other times) we called her and she came out to the home to speak with us.

After we had what we believed to be an honest and productive conversation in which Gretchen Faber told us she sympathized, and she assured us that they would do something to help us; she instead decided to hide behind Peter Niederman (owner of Kentwood Company) and a lawsuit to try to silence us rather than to work something out.  Gretchen Faber pretty much lied to our faces when she assured us our concerns were heard and that one way or another Kentwood Company would help us. They never did, instead they filed a lawsuit and tried to intimidate us.

Fortunately the EFF and a fantastic First Amendment Attorney took the case and Kentwood eventually dropped the SLAPP lawsuit.

The fact is, instead of helping a client of her firm, who had a valid complaint, and who would have been accepting of a sincere apology and ANY attempt at reparation; Gretchen Faber chose to ignore, then deceive, then threaten us.

So to anybody in the market to buy or a sell a house in Denver, knowing that there are so many good Realtors out there, why take a chance on someone who has shown that the client does not matter.

[And if you would like some additional verification, check the public records of the Better Business Bureau. The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek simply does not respond to complaints against them.]

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The Kentwood Company Shady Practices Continue

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Recent posts from our readers reveal that the Kentwood Company and its agents are still as shady as ever – and not just Karl Lueders:

SAM Says:
17 November 2011 at 6:18 pm.

I just had a bad experience with Kentwood on the other side of the deal (we were buying, they were selling and Kentwood represents the seller) that I thought I’d share (not that you need any additional reinforcement that Kentwood has shady agents). We ordered a survey and discovered encroachments. We asked the sellers to resolve the encroachments before we purchased the property. The Kentwood (sellers) agent blew up the situation and made it an issue about us (as buyers) rather than an issue about a defect with the property (that the sellers didn’t disclose, by the way) and blatantly mocked the concern in writing to third parties. We were uncomfortable and we walked away. In my opinion, had the Kentwood agent acted in a professional and responsible manner, the situation would have been resolved to the satisfaction of all . . . now her sellers are still stuck with a house they can’t sell and we’re back to the drawing board looking at other properties (and hoping that we do not have to deal with Kentwood again).


disappointed reader Says:
17 September 2011 at 8:45 am.

We made an offer on a home represented by Kentwood only to have their agent try to pull some con game on us. I think everyone should avoid doing business with Kentwood and all its agents.

Well at least we know we shouldn’t take all of the Kentwood Company’s shenanigan’s personally, they’ll screw anybody over!

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Karl Lueders disregards the rules

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We’ve mentioned before that we got along with Karl Lueders on a personal level for awhile. That was possibly, partly because he didn’t always act like your average Realtor. He was very casual and personable with us and was often willing to break the rules. For example:

  • Karl Lueders gave us lock box codes to go into empty homes on our own.
  • Karl Lueders told us personal details about other buyers, including their name and even their financing issues.
  • Karl Lueders made negative comments about people of specific ethnicities.
  • Karl Lueders made it clear that he thought that the neighborhood we were shopping was less than desirable. In fact he never left his business card at the properties we viewed (guess he didn’t want anyone to know he was on the wrong side of the tracks).

There were other improprieties as well, too numerous to mention, these were just the highlights. Wonder if  Gretchen Faber knows Karl does this sort of thing, or if its just standard operating procedure for agents at The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek

Alternate titles for this post – “Krimes Karl Lueders Kommited.” We just thought that would be a little too Kute!


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Where we are now with Karl Lueders

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It may surprise many of our long time readers to learn that we were in direct communications with Karl Lueders recently. Of course it was initiated by us, not him. We just thought one day out of the blue, without premeditation, that maybe it was time to talk about things; maybe we’ve all learned some things along the way, and maybe its time to move on.

To make a long story short (guess its actually a little late for that), while Karl seemed initially quite humbled, he really hasn’t learned a thing. In the first conversation he seemed congenial and cooperative and eager to come to some sort of resolution. But it was agreed we all needed time to think about it.

During the next conversation or two when a potential settlement was discussed, Karl Lueders started from the position that he was willing to do whatever it takes to make things right. He also said things he probably shouldn’t have, like how he had felt all along like the Kentwood Company, (specifically Gretchen Faber and Peter Neiderman)  had handled the situation all wrong. And he made it a point to ask if we would remove personal information from the site. He said that Jill Lueders wasn’t involved so any mention of her should be removed. He pointedly mentioned that this was probably the most important thing to him, that even though they were divorcing he still loved Jill and didn’t want her to be further hurt. So as part of the informal negotiation process that took place we gave him the opportunity to have the other site we setup, Karl Lueders Sucks, removed along with all the personal information on it, and to have Jill’s name removed from any and all of this sordid affair. In the end he declined.

It would have cost him less money out of his pocket than we spent last month alone trying to fix the problems with the sub-floor, btw.

And just so nobody assumes we were being greedy or looking to profit from this mess, we requested an amount that was LESS than the total expenses we have incurred repairing the house and offered in exchange to remove this website and the Karl Lueders Sucks site. Karl Lueders came back with a counter offer that was ten thousand dollars less. We, in appropriate negotiation protocol, said we would split the difference and accept five thousand less than our original request. He came back again with an additional two thousand dollars and said take it or leave it.

And perhaps, if there had been the slightest note of contrition or sincerity from Karl during the multiple conversations and emails, accepting the much lower offer would have felt like the right thing to do. Instead, throughout the communications, he repeatedly painted himself as the victim and actually tried to simultaneously garner our sympathy and make us feel guilty for his current status. He even said in an email, “hurting me seems to be the one form of vindication you receive out of this.” (drama queen)

[We could only assume Karl Lueders doesn’t know what vindication means.. Why on earth would WE need vindication? If we needed that we would have had it as soon as the Kentwood Company withdrew their lawsuit.]

So while it was no doubt completely futile we explained to Karl, “It is YOUR actions and reactions that have caused the fallout you’re now living with, not ours. A bank robber can blame the police for the fact that he’s in jail, but if he hadn’t committed a crime….”

We did nothing but expose Karl Lueders‘ unethical actions, as well as those of the Kentwood Company, Gretchen Faber, Emilee Pierce, Peter Niederman, and the whole lot of them.

So Karl Lueders can maintain that Jill Lueders’ privacy and well-being is his highest priority; and he can continue to claim that “I have always and will continue to do whatever I need to do make things right between you two and I,” (yes that is a direct quote). But when a price tag of $3000 is too high to make that happen, we can only determine that these things were also nothing but lies.

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How we got here with Karl Lueders

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People still post comments on this blog asking, ‘If Karl Lueders was such a terrible realtor, why did you stick with him?’ And if we had a time machine, things definitely would be different now, but here’s at least some explanation of how things went and how we got here.

We didn’t know what to expect from a buyer’s agent but we got along fine with Karl Lueders on a personal level so we thought all was well, at least for awhile. We told him even before our first meeting what our price range was and that if the transaction was going to be too small for him we would understand, but he said it was absolutely fine. He said every sale matters because it leads to referrals. We also told him that based on our price range we fully expected that most if not all of our options would be found in Aurora, he said he was also fine with that. However, pretty early on in the process You could tell that he thought he was too good for the neighborhoods where we were searching. He made jokes about the area and wore his disdain on his sleeve. We would constantly remind him that it was all we could afford and we could get a good home here because the prices were better. Plus we explained that for us, the ethnic make up of the community was not an issue. But the kind of negative vibe that Karl Lueders put out, was very hard to ignore.

So a few weeks in, we actually tried to fire Karl Lueders because of his dismissive attitude and how frustrated we had become. We sat down, talked things out, Karl apologized and said he would do better if we would only give him a chance. Since he was going through some serious personal turmoil we gave him a second chance. Contrary to what many think, we really want to believe that people are good. Well for a short period it seemed that he did try harder but to be honest it didn’t last long.

The day before we found the home/money pit we would eventually purchase, we had met with Karl Lueders and filled out all the paperwork to put in an offer on a house we were very excited about. Karl was negative the whole time and when we finished signing everything he said, “You know you have no chance of this offer being accepted, don’t you?” We were really angry and to this day we’re still not sure why he had us waste our time and his if he felt that way, but our response was to just to say “Okay then, I guess you’ll need to take us out again tomorrow to look at MORE houses.” That meant Karl had to go back to Aurora on a Sunday, but our lease was running out so we were running out of options.

So we found three more homes online, yes in Aurora, and set out to see them on Sunday morning with less than positive attitudes, and loathe to see Karl. So when we did see him, hobbling with a cane because he had kicked the coffee table and broken his little toe shortly after leaving us the day before, we must admit it was difficult not to chuckle and mumble something quietly about Karma. But when he limped around and winced like he had a broken leg, it quickly stopped being amusing.

The first house was nice, we liked it, but we had lots of questions that Karl would only answer in a manner that one could only describe as, jackassy. We left that house very frustrated, so on the way to the next property, we were “discussing” (or perhaps raging about) Karl and our options and our situation. When we arrived at the next house the discussion continued loudly, and well within earshot of Karl, we decided loudly that this was it, that after today we are done with Karl Lueders! It was just so not worth the aggravation anymore, there are after all thousands of other realtors in Denver.

That second house was a total dump! So much so that we were all laughing and joking, speculating about how a house could end up in such horrible repair. This probably helped lighten the mood, but the underlying tension and frustration was still there as we proceeded to house number three, the house that we ultimately purchased.

When we arrived, before we even got out of our car Karl commented that he was concerned with how many houses on the street were for sale. Which we thought was odd – keep in mind this was the spring of 2008, when a third of all houses on every street in America, not just in Aurora, were either for sale or just abandoned. Anyway, the exterior of the house was underwhelming and the house across the street that looked like a christmas tree farm was alarming. And Karl didn’t yet have the code to get the key, so we went to the backyard to try and look in the house and decide if we even wanted to get inside. The house looked like it had been flipped and staged, which was not typical for us, we usually saw owner occupied or bank owned property. So we thought we should see it. Then while Karl was on his phone getting the info for us to get inside, we noticed a scratch running down the entire length of the passenger side of his BMW. We pointed it out to him while he was still on the phone and said amongst ourselves, “well, that’s not going to improve his mood any,” and again something about Karma.
Note: We feel it bears mentioning here that clearly Karl had enemies before we came along. We just made a website, somebody else was pi$&ed enough to key his car! Wonder what he did to them…

We finally managed to get the key and view the home. It wasn’t exactly what we wanted, but it had the main things we needed. We could tell that the work wasn’t the greatest but we really didn’t know what to look for. The only guidance that Karl offered was that we should make a full price offer so that this house didn’t get away from us. We were really confused by this, until months later when we sorted out that there was a $1000 incentive offered by the sellers to the buyer’s agent for closing quickly, plus the fact that he was about to be fired and all his time on this sale would have been wasted, provided a pretty good incentive for him to get us into this house. This was his absolute last chance to make a sale happen. So we paid full price, which was our max budget, for a house that was not at all what it seemed, and Karl Lueders made the highest possible commission he could have made from us.

And the rest as they say, is history…

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Thanks Karl Lueders, Gretchen Faber and Emilee Pierce for 3 costly years

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Recently we marked out third anniversary of moving into this house.  To “celebrate” we had a structural expert here to diagnose the source of our increasingly sloping and squeaking floors. He found that the source of the problem is that the joists under the main floor are significantly cracked and splitting. And its not a new problem, it didn’t just suddenly happen or even just happen in the last three years. Go back in time with us if you will…

We first noticed the problem during the home inspection. We pointed out to our trusty realtor, Karl Lueders, that there was an obvious slope from one side of the hallway to the other that continued into the adjacent bedroom. He first said he didn’t really notice it but when we persisted, he said things like its not a big deal, it’s normal for a thirty year old house, yadda, yadda. We also pointed out how ridiculously squeaky the floor is, and that if you stood in the middle of one of the other bedrooms and bounced just a little, the whole room would shake. And yes, of course we asked the inspector too and he shrugged it off just as nonchalantly. So again, we tried to ask the right questions but we trusted the wrong people. And you can’t make the right decision when you have the wrong information, just ask Gretchen Faber, even she thinks so.

Back to present day.. we are living with a sub-floor that has now been professionally deemed “structurally unsound.” Once we cut the ceiling open in the finished area of the basement he found that every single beam was damaged. By the way, when we say “when WE cut the ceiling open,” I mean WE cut the ceiling open. Professionals would have charged about $800, so in order to cut costs, we cut the ceiling down ourselves. And if that doesn’t sound like a big deal, imagine doing that yourself in your home. You have to move all the furniture, tape plastic sheeting from ceiling to floor, and of course cover the floor, mark and draw very straight lines – if you don’t they’ll never be able to put the drywall (or dry ceiling as the case may be) back up nicely. Then you have to get up on a ladder and cut manageable sections and yank it down, with your mask and protective eye-wear on because its a VERY dirty job. Speaking of.. then there’s the clean-up and carting it all up the stairs. Oh and we’ll still have to take down all the wiring and lighting ourselves too, which should be interesting. Not fun, but since even with us doing all that ourselves it will still cost us nearly $10,000 we didn’t really have a choice. We also didn’t feel like we had a choice but to pay for the repairs when the expert told us in all his years he had never seen a worse case scenario.

Btw, when we revealed the joists in the finished area we found new pieces of wood that were nailed in between some of the beams, looks like they tried to put a band aid on the situation when they were “flipping” the house.

So in a nutshell, three years later, we’re in exactly the same place; STILL paying to FIX THIS HOUSE! Thank you again, Emilee Pierce, Karl Lueders, Gretchen Faber, and the others who played a part.

And where are they now? We posted recently what Emilee Pierce is up to, still flipping houses (notice I didn’t say fixing & flipping) for a huge profit margin - Denver real estate buyers beware. Karl Lueders is still selling Denver real estate, still for The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek but there have been some changes for Karl. He is now divorced and has sold his house, apparently for far less than his asking price. And Gretchen Faber is still managing broker at The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek. She was even Denver’s Realtor of the Year or something equally ridiculous, because no bad deed goes unrewarded apparently.  Gretchen Faber has also been involved in trying to rehab the reputation of Kentwood by posting bogus or solicited reviews.

Based on recent comments we’ve had, something else has stayed the same. People still post on a regular basis that they were planning on using The Kentwood Company but now, because of this website they will be sure to steer clear. And that’s still our mission, to help others avoid the pitfalls and the money pit in which we find ourselves.

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